February 2, 2007

5 Things

I got tagged by Gabe in the 5 things blog meme.

I normally wouldn't do this kind of thing, but anyway, here goes:

1. Tip-Top Pineapple Crush Icecream gives me hives. The world is now a safer place now they've stopped making it.

2. I was in Rarotonga during Hurricane Sally (1 Jan 1987). The eye of the storm went over the top of us at halfway through. Apparantly this is relatively rare, but it gave us a chance to secure the section of roof which had lifted off. I was shit-scared.

3. When I first came to Wellington I stayed in a flat full of Anarchists. Lots of mohawks, dogs and a dessicated pizza hanging from the living room ceiling. One thing that still makes me retch to this day was the fridge that the dog food was kept in. I'd guess it hadn't been cleaned in 5 years and their power was disconnected regularly. That relationship didn't last. Absolutely. Disgusting.

4. After graduation, I got a job at Victoria University which involved (amongst other things) running and maintaining a Particle Accelerator for the Nuclear Physics Group.

5. On my OE I spent months in Scotland without work. I could only afford to eat bread, jam and porridge, no heating and no fun. ( Actually looking back on it now it seems like a bizarre cultural immersion programme.)

I agree with Mr Peters - Everyone has already done this, so I won't spread the madness.

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