January 19, 2007

Watin / WatiNFixture - New Versions

WatiN 0.9.5 was relased 1/1/'07 with
WatiNFixture 0.2 following soon after at:

I've now got a fairly good handle on a WatiN test pattern that works for me - basically a modified form of a pattern blogged by Richard Griffin. He's the guy that spooled up the WatiN Recorder tool to generate WatiN script from a browser session..

My favourite new feature in WatiN 0.9.5 is the ability to filter out a collection of elements - this is particularly useful in repeater sections where an item of interest may be buried in a list with little to distinguish it from other items. I had previously been doing this by reg-ex matching within the HTML body and trying to strip out the relevant button ids etc.

Much, much cleaner.

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