May 22, 2005

Start at Intergen and perfomance testing

This is my first post since joining Intergen. A pretty scary first week just trying to get to grips with the what and how of the projects and company ... seems like a good bunch of people, though.

I'm going to have to dust off the VBScript skills for the perfomance testing I'm doing with Damon. The ACT tool has some serious shortcomings in it's 'development environment' which will have the side effect of making me think HARD. This will be kind of good because it will drum in some understanding, but will probably take longer than the PM would like. In any case, it's nice to have some under the hood work to do and is precisely the kind of thing that MoE just didn't get near.

A couple of things that DC mentioned that seemed important so I will note them here while I remember.
  1. DC mentioned that the is a machine config setting that needs to be watched on the webserver under test. I think in the web server machine.config file: the enableViewStateMac="false"...
  2. The Client machine needs to be quite good for even emulating 100 concurrent users. As the spec is calling for 2400 for extreme load this will be interesting to try on anything that isn't massive.
  3. I'll need to ensure I get permissions on the target web and db servers so I have access to the performance metrics.
Here is an interesting white paper from AK uni, which have yet to digest... and an interesting idea for a converted development framework.