April 23, 2005

Good Ideas

I reckon everyone has good ideas. I mean really good ideas. Ideas that would probably make you rich, powerful or insanely popular. I have two and I'm not sharing. That's the problem. Nobody shares these - and what good are they sitting in my head? Just because they require as-yet-not-invented pre-requisite technology or ridiculously large sums of capital investment doesn't mean they should be secret. Yet most of us would rather die with them than see someone else use them, profit from them or take the credit. I am damn sure I would!

Not sure at all if this idea - writing real thoughts in diarised form for public consumption- is good. Possibly risky ... but probably ill-advised (::mental note - don't post credit card details::)

By the way, you can tell ME your good idea/s and I promise I wouldn't tell.

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