July 22, 2008

Pairwise Data-Driven Automation - Part 3

So at what we hope to achieve in this post is
1. Get a WatiN test going under the Visual Studio test framework
2. Hook the appropriate PICT output up as a data source for the test
3. Run the the test and see many inputs and many results running and passing.

1. First specify a data source from the Pict output file. You can also use the app.config to hook this up if you wish.

public class UnitTest1

Data Source=.;Extended Properties='text;


One gotcha here, you'll need to include the model input file and schema.ini (for tab delimted text files) in the test deployment settings
( Test > Edit Test Run Configurations > Deployment )

2. I'll assume you have some familiarity - with WatiN, so build a test method that hits our login page and wire in the parameters from the Pict output.

For our purposes we'll want to supply a bad username / password and verify that the right error message is returned.
Something like this...another gotcha - the tildes need to be stripped (I've left that in....)

public void MainSiteIsUp()
using (IE ie = new IE("http://www.actionthis.com"))
// Load variables from the file

string email = context.DataRow["EMAIL"].ToString();
//strip the leading tilde if there is one...
if (email.StartsWith("~")) email = email.Remove(0, 1);

string password
= context.DataRow["PASSWORD"].ToString();
string message
= context.DataRow["$RESULT"].ToString();

LoginPage.Login(ie, email, password);

3. Select and run the test. It should build, cycle through the 7 combinations and check for the various error messages - all green!

Yay - big pat on the back!

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JD said...

Hi Piezapin,

Thought you might be interested in a post I made last year about using Watin to validate HTML in an automated fashion (useful for content heavy sites you might need to test).


Appreciate your thoughts. Good to see you blogging some more.


- JD