September 9, 2005

Binding CSV data to a web test in VS2005

(nicked from the VSTS Test Tools Forum)

To add a csv file as a datasource, do the following:
1) Create a csv file that looks like the following:

The first row is for column headers.

2) Click the add datasource button for the webtest
3) Choose Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider as the OLE DB Provider
4) Click the Datalinks button
5) On the connection tab, enter the directory that the csv file is in for the "Select or enter a database name:" text box. Enter just the directory.
6) Click on the all tab.
7) Double Click Extended Properties
8) Enter text and hit OK
9) Click Ok for the Data Link Properties dialog
10) Click Ok for the connection properties dialog
11) Choose the csv file in the choose tables dialog.
12) Add the datasource to the field you want to bind to. The column headers in the csv file will be used for the field names.